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You need a hug

You need a hug

    A world without hugs. No, this isn’t the opening of a dystopian novel or a particularly bleak episode of Black Mirror. It’s a stark reality that once plagued orphanages in 19th-century New York, where tiny babies died like flies despite being fed, cleaned, and generally maintained like needy houseplants. The importance of physical affection, particularly… Read More »You need a hug

    Celebrate your small wins

    How to celebrate your small wins

      20 ways to celebrate your small wins Life isn’t just about the big moments. It’s the little victories that truly make our days shine. Why wait for a major milestone when you can turn every day into a celebration? Here are 25 fun and practical ways to honour your daily triumphs, no matter how small!… Read More »How to celebrate your small wins

      10 learning myths busted

      10 learning myths busted

        Common misconceptions about learning Numerous myths and misconceptions about learning persist. These unfounded beliefs can hinder your progress and limit your potential. This article aims to shed light on some common learning myths, providing evidence-based insights to help you study more effectively. Myth 1: You have a specific “learning style” One of the most pervasive… Read More »10 learning myths busted

        Intermittent fasting - Girls and clock

        Common myths about intermittent fasting

          Intermittent fasting has gained significant popularity, with approximately one in ten Americans engaging in this eating pattern in 2023. As interest in this dietary approach continues to grow, so do the myths surrounding its effects on health. Let’s examine some of the most prevalent misconceptions about intermittent fasting and what current research has to say.… Read More »Common myths about intermittent fasting

          How to regulate your emotions

          How to regulate your emotions

            A guide to self-regulation Managing our emotions is a vital skill that can significantly impact our daily lives, relationships, and overall well-being. This article will explore practical strategies for regulating your emotions effectively, drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom and modern psychological research. Understanding emotion generation To better control our emotions, it’s helpful to understand how… Read More »How to regulate your emotions

            Two people arguing

            The art of respectful disagreement

              Bridging divides through empathy In an age of polarization and echo chambers, it’s increasingly common to encounter people whose beliefs differ drastically from your own. Whether it’s a family member sharing conspiracy theories or a friend promoting ideas we find objectionable, navigating these conversations can be a delicate dance. We can foster more productive dialogues… Read More »The art of respectful disagreement

              This too shall pass ring

              What is happiness?

                The pursuit of happiness and finding meaning in life’s absurdities In ancient Israel, King Solomon was consumed by a question that has perplexed humanity since the dawn of time: “What is happiness?” He tasked his most trusted advisor, Benaiah, with finding a ring that could transform sorrow into joy and joy into sorrow, believing this… Read More »What is happiness?