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You need a hug

You need a hug

    A world without hugs. No, this isn’t the opening of a dystopian novel or a particularly bleak episode of Black Mirror. It’s a stark reality that once plagued orphanages in 19th-century New York, where tiny babies died like flies despite being fed, cleaned, and generally maintained like needy houseplants. The importance of physical affection, particularly… Read More »You need a hug

    Celebrate your small wins

    How to celebrate your small wins

      20 ways to celebrate your small wins Life isn’t just about the big moments. It’s the little victories that truly make our days shine. Why wait for a major milestone when you can turn every day into a celebration? Here are 25 fun and practical ways to honour your daily triumphs, no matter how small!… Read More »How to celebrate your small wins

      Michael Thompson - Shy by design - Book

      Use your vulnerability as a strength

        I’ve encountered countless stories of personal triumph, but few have left as profound an impact on me as Michael Thompson’s journey. Though our paths have never crossed, his story has become a reminder of the incredible power within each of us to transform our vulnerabilities into our greatest strengths. Michael’s early years were marked by… Read More »Use your vulnerability as a strength

        Put an elastic band on your phone - Focus hack

        Put a band on it

          A simple trick to keep your phone from hijacking your focus We’ve all been there – settling in to focus on an important task when suddenly our phone lights up with a notification. Before we know it, we’re sucked into a vortex of emails, social media posts, and cat videos, with our original intention a… Read More »Put a band on it

          Quick Squeeze Workouts - Fitness hack

          Quick Squeeze workouts

            Squeeze in a quick workout while your coffee brews Struggling to find time for exercise in your busy schedule? The minutes spent waiting for your coffee to brew present a hidden opportunity to sneak in a quick workout or some stretching. This simple hack has allowed me to sneak in quick workouts throughout my day… Read More »Quick Squeeze workouts

            The Do-or-Do-Nothing hack

            The Do-or-Do-Nothing productivity hack

              Working with ruthless focus As a knowledge worker, it’s easy to fall into the trap of constant distraction and diminished output. Social media, endless emails, household chores – the modern world bombards us with attention-stealing temptations at every turn. But what if a simple yet powerful antidote existed? Enter the Do-or-Do-Nothing method This laser-focused approach,… Read More »The Do-or-Do-Nothing productivity hack

              Share your joy and good news hack

              Share your joy

                Sharing good news increases your happiness Have you ever received exciting news and felt an immediate urge to tell someone? That instinct might be more powerful than you realize. Recent research suggests that sharing positive experiences can significantly enhance our happiness and strengthen our relationships. This simple yet potent approach to increasing well-being involves actively… Read More »Share your joy

                10 learning myths busted

                10 learning myths busted

                  Common misconceptions about learning Numerous myths and misconceptions about learning persist. These unfounded beliefs can hinder your progress and limit your potential. This article aims to shed light on some common learning myths, providing evidence-based insights to help you study more effectively. Myth 1: You have a specific “learning style” One of the most pervasive… Read More »10 learning myths busted