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Learning Hacks

Student taking a sleep break after studying

The power of rest for enhancing memory and learning

    A surprisingly potent technique can significantly enhance your ability to commit new knowledge to memory. Take a short break to rest completely after your study session. Studies have demonstrated the remarkable benefits of incorporating 10-15 minutes of quiet rest immediately after studying new material. During these breaks, minimize all forms of mental stimulation. Avoid checking… Read More »The power of rest for enhancing memory and learning

    I am not qualified - yet

    End with a “yet”

      We all have moments when we are insecure and feel like we’re not good enough. When you start to feel that insecurity creeping in, remember that making mistakes is okay. In fact, making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process. One of the best tips I ever received is to add the word… Read More »End with a “yet”