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Happiness Hacks

Share your joy and good news hack

Share your joy

    Sharing good news increases your happiness Have you ever received exciting news and felt an immediate urge to tell someone? That instinct might be more powerful than you realize. Recent research suggests that sharing positive experiences can significantly enhance our happiness and strengthen our relationships. This simple yet potent approach to increasing well-being involves actively… Read More »Share your joy

    Woman singing in car

    Sing Your Way to a Better Mood

      Feeling down? Try singing along to your favourite tunes while driving. According to therapist Nikki Roy, this simple act can instantly boost your mood and support long-term well-being by triggering the release of “feel-good” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Singing also stimulates the vagus nerve, which is connected to our vocal cords and plays a… Read More »Sing Your Way to a Better Mood

      One goal focus for happiness

      Tomorrow I will focus on…

        When you’re a parent, mornings can be like a scene from a horror movie. The kids are screaming, breakfast is a battlefield, and you have a million things to remember before you even leave the house. When you finally get to the office, you’re greeted with countless emails, overdue tasks, and a screaming boss. Don’t… Read More »Tomorrow I will focus on…